The Course

The 40 mile is mostly trail with some dirt road sections. The first quarter is gentle uphill, second quarter is gentle downhill, third quarter starts with a gentle up before a couple of longish, 2-mile uphill grinders, and the final quarter is gentle downhill (with some sweet views!), making for a fast finish. Mud and snowy sections are possible.

In the 40 miler, racers will run up the trail for the first mile like normal, then upon reaching the dirt road (Brooks-Scanlon and Edgington), instead of turning left like in the past, you will turn right on the road and loop back to the start line via Edgington (please run on the right). Going through the start area would be a good place to drop jackets, hats, gloves, etc. You will then run up the trail again, and when you reach the dirt road this time (Brooks-Scanlon and Edgington), you will then turn left like years past. Distance to the first aid station is 7.1 miles.

The 20 mile is gentle uphill for the first half, and gentle downhill for the second half. Upon reaching the ridge, there are beautiful views of many of the Central Oregon Cascades peaks. The 20 mile start remains unchanged.

Total ascent and descent for the 40 miler is about 3,000′, and for the 20 miler is about 2,000′.

Course Maps

Thank you to Brendan Trimboli of for using his mapping skills to make this very pretty map and elevation profile of the 40 miler.

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20-mile Course Map